Eastern Shipbuilding Group Launches North Star

WJHG/WECP. Panama City, FL, April 19, 2018
By Mike Hillers

The Eastern Shipbuilding Group launched their latest vessel Thursday afternoon. The North Star is a freezer stern trawling vessel built for Iquique U.S. Click HERE to read more and watch the video of the North Star launch.

Modernizing Fisheries Management Should Benefit All Sectors

Fishermen’s News, April 1, 2018
By Shannon Carroll & Susie Zagorski

For more than forty years, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) has utilized a precautionary science-based approach to fisheries management. This approach has led to some of the most sustainably managed fisheries in the world. A key component to this success has been the use of exempted fishing permits (EFPs), which have incentivized innovation, improved sustainability, and developed lasting partnerships between industry and managers. Read More HERE

Device Measures and Identifies Bycatch

KMXT 100.1FM Kodiak, Alaska, March 21, 2018
By Kayla Desroches

A researcher is developing a device that could help make monitoring halibut bycatch more efficient.

Craig Rose from FishNext Research is in town for Kodiak’s fisheries trade show, ComFish, and will talk about the ongoing project: a chute camera and its accompanying software. Click HERE to read more about the chute camera device.

Advances in Trawling

Fishermen’s News, August 1, 2017
By David J. Pratt

Humans by our very nature fear what is new. For better and sometimes worse, a fear of “new” can slow critical progress, especially where sticking with “tried and tested” becomes a safely known position. Therefore, driving progress requires individuals willing to bravely explore their mysterious world.  Read More HERE.

All hail, Araho! O’Hara Corp.’s New Flagship Factory Trawler is on Call for Cod

National Fisherman, May 2017
By Bruce Buls

Click HERE to read National Fisherman’s May 2017 front page story by Bruce Buls, Araho Arrives, the new Bering Sea factory trawler transits the Panama Canal between a Gulf Coast launch and a Seattle debut for a Maine company.