Bycatch Reduction Through Collaborative Science & Cooperative Fishing

Marine Conservation Alliance and The Nature Conservancy present a video producing sustainable seafood by reducing bycatch through collaborative science and cooperative fishing.

Alaska Yellowfin Sole Buyers Guide

Alaska’s yellowfin sole fishery feeds millions of people throughout the world every year.  Certified as a sustainable fishery, this Video Buyer’s Guide examines how the fishery is conducted, how the fish are processed and some of the primary product forms that are produced.

Alaska Seafood Cooperative’s Sustainable Fisheries Video


Stellar Sea Lion Unmanned Aircraft

Concern about Stellar Sea Lions has led to the closure of significant fishing areas off the coast of Alaska.  Scientific uncertainty and a lack of good data are often cited for the closure.  The Alaska seafood industry, working with scientists, engineers and marine mammal experts, is pioneering the use of unmanned aircraft to help fill the information gaps.  This video summarizes the most recent trip in March, 2012.

Conservation Based Cooperative Fishing

The Alaska Seafood Cooperative represents the majority of the vessels operating in one of the first “Catch Share” programs developed for conservation purposes.  This video examines how Cooperatives – rather than competition – can lead to innovations in ecosystem-based fisheries management.’s Coverage of Best Use Cooperative’s Marine Stewardship Council Certification