NMFS Sea Lion Restrictions Still Under Fire from Alaskan Fishermen Despite Court Ruling

Seafood.com News [Cordova Times], February 3, 2012
By Margaret Bauman

A federal judge has ruled that commercial fishing restrictions aimed at protecting endangered Steller sea lions were properly imposed, because the sea lions are not getting enough food…. Continue Reading

Conservation Based Cooperative Fishing

The Alaska Seafood Cooperative represents the majority of the vessels operating in one of the first “Catch Share” programs developed for conservation purposes. This video examines how Cooperatives – rather than competition – can lead to innovations in ecosystem-based fisheries management.

Flatfish Attempts to Make a Name for Itself as a Sustainable, Wild Alaska Seafood

Special Feature:  Flounder/sole Seafood Business Magazine [seafoodbusiness.com], May 5, 2011
By Melissa Wood

Click here to read Flatfish Attempts to Make a Name for Itself as a Sustainable, Wild Alaska Seafood

Alaska Seafood Cooperative Encourages Taking a New Look at Certified Sustainable Alaska Flaftfish

SEAFOOD.COM NEWS [seafoodnews.com], June 23, 2010

A month after being awarded an international environmental certification, Alaska flatfish species are receiving new attention from seafood buyers and restaurateurs. After a three‐year comprehensive evaluation, the fisheries earned Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. … Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of an Alaska Seafood Cooperative Catcher Processor Fishing Vessel

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Check out what a day in the life is like on an Alaska Seafood Cooperative (AKSC) fishing vessel which catches and processes groundfish from the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands.