NMFS Set to Expand Aleutian Islands Commercial Fishing Following Steller Sea Lion Impact Statement

By Lauren Rosenthal

The new year will likely bring new fisheries to the western Aleutian Islands, now that the National Marine Fisheries Service has issued its final report on the way commercial fishing affects an endangered population of Steller sea lions.

The agency came out in favor of allowing more fishing in its environmental impact statement, or EIS, on Friday morning…. Continue Reading

NOAA to Remove Eastern Steller Sea Lions from Endangered Species List

Seafood.com News [Associated Press], April 19, 2012

ANCHORAGE, Steller sea lions from Alaska’s Panhandle to California’s Channel Islands have reached recovery targets and should be removed from the endangered species list, according to the federal agency that oversees them…. Continue Reading

Judge Hears Oral Arguments Over Steller Sea Lion Protections

Anchorage Daily News-Associated Press, December 22, 2011
By Rachel D’Oro

Plaintiff’s argue NMFS fishing restrictions not necessary to protect pinnipeds
Judge Takes Alaska’s Lawsuit Over Sea Lions Under Advisement

Alaska Dispatch, December 21, 2011
By Jill Burke

Aleutian Fishermen Fight ‘Draconian’ Steller Sea Lion Protections